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Educational Institutes

Clouderizer is a cloud IDE for Data Scientists. It allows us to setup, train and deploy AI/ML projects on any infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Local), without worrying about underlying DevOps.

Educational Institutes and MOOCs, teaching Machine Learning / Deep Learning, can  easily share homework and assignment templates with students. Clouderizer allows students to easily clone these templates and work on their assignment, without worrying about environment setup.


Benefits for Educators
  • Save time from troubleshooting setup and environment issues for student’s AI / ML homework and assignments. Since Clouderizer projects run in an isolated Docker container with a pre-configured environment, faculty can create homework and assignment templates once and share with students. Students can run these homework and assignments anywhere, seamlessly without any setup issues.
  • Beginner homework/assignments can be run on free GPUs from Google Colab, Kaggle Kernels or even locally on any machine.
  • Advanced homework/assignments can be run seamlessly on GCP or AWS, with a single click, from Clouderizer console itself.
  • Data Scientist friendly JupyterLab IDE & Terminal, accessible anywhere from a browser.
  • Integration with Piazza for discussion around specific assignments.
  • No project data is stored on Clouderizer servers. All code + data for projects is stored in the user’s Google Drive.
  • Analytics Report giving visibility about how students are working on various homeworks.


Benefits for Students
  • Can run assignments/homework on freely available GPUs from Google Colab / Kaggle.
  • No advanced training needed for DevOps and Cloud Computing (AWS / GCP). Focus on Data Science.
  • All work (code + data) is backed up on student’s Google Drive.
  • Public community offers numerous project templates to recreate state- of-art results in just a few clicks.