Clouderizer | End-to-End MLOps Platform

Optimized for Machine Learning Developers

  • Built-in project templates with ML tools like Tensorflow, Keras, Anaconda, Python, PyTorch, etc.
  • Accelerated model training and deployment platform. Fastest AI/ML model setup, training and deployment environment.
  • Flexible auto-migration framework from one tool to the other.
  • Project cloning simplified in few clicks

Run projects locally, on cloud or both

  • Run project on cloud of your choice, including ones with free GPUs like Colab and Kaggle Kernels
  • Workspace persistence through real time sync of code and data with Google Drive.
  • Option to run project locally on any Ubuntu machine as well

Forget DevOps. Focus on Machine Learning.

  • Pre-installed ML frameworks and tools like Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, JupyterLab, Tensorboard
  • Run projects in docker container optimized for GPU using nvidia drivers
  • Seamless integration with Git, Kaggle to setup workspace code and datasets
  • Add scripts to automate custom dependency setup

Reduce cloud bills

  • Effortlessly run your projects on EC2 Spot or GCP Pre-emptible instances, with a single click
  • Use credits and coupons codes you already have with EC2 and GCP
  • Run your Deep Learning projects at almost same cost as underlying cloud machines

Data Security

  • Your code and data remains private to you on your own cloud infrastructure. Nothing is stored on Clouderizer servers
  • Setup and build your virtualized workstations directly from your local computers and Google drive.
  • Remotely access Clouderizer platform from any machine or place using our secured private tunnel. Use Tensorboard, Jupyter Notebooks and SSH Terminal with us.
  • Ideal for working on sensitive and confidential datasets
  • Workspace is backed up on your Google Drive or S3
  • All communitcations are encrypted using SSL/TLS

User Management

  • Create users and allocate cloud resources to team members.
  • Monitor usage across organization.
  • Share project templates and projects within organization.
  • Ideal for use in schools, universities, training programs and software development teams.

Community Templates

  • Search, Select and Clone one of the available Clouderizer templates for Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics and get yourself started in seconds.