Clouderizer | End-to-End MLOps Platform

Individuals/Small teams

Individuals looking to explore AI / ML or small team of Data Scientists looking to crack the next Kaggle competition, we have tried designing Clouderizer to save your cost and time.

You can focus on Machine Learning, and let us take care of your infrastructure  setup. 

Benefits for Individuals/Small teams

  • Lets data scientists to bring their own cloud (BYOC) or work on Free GPUs like Google Colab/ Kaggle. (Save Cost)

  • Bring your coupon codes and credits from AWS / GCP and use it to run your Clouderizer projects seamlessly.

  • Data persistence issues with Google Colab and Kaggle Kernels are handled seamlessly behind the scene. You just focus on Data Science.

  • Data Scientists friendly JupyterLab interface and feature rich remote Terminal, available on all platforms (including Google Colab and Kaggle Kernels)

  • Test your models seamlessly using Clouderizer Serving. Out of box interface allows intuitive web interface for Machine Vision models.