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  • Deploy and Showcase your Machine Learning models to your users, testers and cat 🙂
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Kaggle Titanic Survival ML model trained using H2O v3

Predict if a flight will have a delay in it’s departure. Model developed using H2O v3

Predict house sale prices. Model developed using H2O Driverless AI

Use machine learning to identify patients at risk for readmission. Model developed using H2O v3

Out of Box Scoring Web UI - Showcase your ML Model
  • Data science teams can deploy and test their ML models easily
  • Cool way to showcase Machine Learning models to customers and leadership
  • Easiest way of getting ground truth feedback about models from internal team and beta testers
  • Works with PC, Smartphones, tablets
Monitor Model performance
  • See how your models are doing in production using Ground Truth feedback from testers and internal users
  • Compare model performance and evaluation time.
  • Run analytics on results, user feedback, response time, input trends
Deploy Any Framework, Any Cloud, Anywhere
  • Deploy AutoML models from, Alteryx, DataRobot
  • Deploy self developed models using Tensorflow, PyTorch, Sklearn, XGM
  • Deploy on GCP, AWS, Azure
Code-less deployment
  • Drag and Drop AutoML models from H2O, Alteryx, DataRobot or any PMML model.
  • Zero lines of code needed. Deploy in 1 click.
  • No Software / IT / DevOps team needed.
Code friendly deployment
  • Copy paste generated lines of code for self developed models
  • Deploy in 1 click
  • No Software / IT / DevOps team needed.
Enterprise Ready
  • Deploy multiple models behind load balancer and compare results to know which works best with live inputs.
  • SaaS / OnPremise offering
  • Bring Your Own Cloud - Deploy and collect data on your own cloud infrastructure
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We used Clouderizer while teaching the Deep Learning course for graduate and undergraduate students, as one of the options to do programming homeworks and assignments at Georgia Tech.

With Clouderizer, students who used it found it easy to use, were able to get started with cloud GPU setup and running in few minutes, without hassle and extra work of setting up the environment, installing different packages, versions and dependencies.
I would recommend  Clouderizer to any university or company which runs employee / student training related to Machine Learning and is looking for a Cloud interface vendor / provider.

Sreenivasan AC
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Deep Learning, Georgia Institute of Technology

Clouderizer has saved me hours of low-level technical fiddling. I love how I can choose with one click which cloud service to spin up a machine on and how everything seamlessly backs up to my Google Drive. Customer service is excellent too - I had a connectivity issue and within ten minutes I had a video call and the problem was resolved. It’s well worth the money and highly recommended!

Anthony Holmes
CEO, Holmes Consulting

I have been using Clouderizer for over 3 months, its great to start because it lets me connect to Colab and GCP, perfect for starting out and you don’t want to fight with SSH

Jeremy Easterbrook
CEO Index